Welcome to English Guitars

In the 90’s I was not happy with the quality and prices of the guitars being produced at that time so I began making them in 1993.

Also, I have been playing guitar for 57+ years, so I am aware of what works well and sounds good.

I make them one at a time, by order.

This means that you don’t have to buy what someone else thinks that you might like but instead, you choose the things which you need to make it play and sound the way you want. This is a gutar built for you. You can choose neck dimensions, scale length, pick ups, fret board radius, color, flamed or plain maple wood, etc.

My guitars are made from the finest materials available and have a feel that is warm and friendly. There are no super thick finishes to choke the movement and sound. The sound comes from the combination of construction and electronics. I can give you a filtertron style pick up that sounds like a Gibson or any combination. These pick ups are some of the finest in the industry. They are made by TV Jones and can make you sound like Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, Brian Setzer or many others.

With all the combinations available, you can have the guitar of your dreams. A guitar that fits you because you decided what it should be.

So come along and check out my guitars and let me know what you think.